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How to find your way around

Save this link to your phone. It is the online bus / train schedule to find connections:

Android app (if you have GPS on, should automatically fill in nearest bus stop for place of departure)

With buses that travel between cities, you pay as you enter the bus. You need to tell the bus driver the destination, because that determines the ticket price. With trains, it is better to pay at the ticket window in the station. Some trains require purchasing a reservation as well. Inside of big cities, there is usually some sort of kiosk for buying tickets of the city buses. (I don't know very well how that works, I am usually driving in cities, will try to find out and make another page about it)

Mobile version looks like this:

CP screenshot 1

You start typing where you are, and suggestions will pop up. First option is just the entire city/village, so it will search for any bus leaving that place (or going to the destination) from anywhere. Rest of results are names of specific bus stops, you'll see it written on the bus stop sign.

CP screenshot 2

Then do the same to select the destination, and click the search icon:

screenshot 3

I suggest taking the connection that is just one bus, if possible. Kostol means church, btw, so you can find the stop in Gabčikovo.

screenshot 4

If you want, you can click the blue bus name (e.g. Bus 201434 13), and get more details about stops.

screenshot 5

Click the bus name again, and it is a list of all stops. You may find a stop closer to where you are or want to be going:

screenshot 6