This is taken from Telegram posts (1 & 2) in Russian (which have been archived 1 & 2) I have made some slight changes in formatting, but not content.

Timeline of Bucha

I don’t know for whom I am writing this, it seems to me that those who can understand have already understood, but still I can’t stop analyzing and looking for information. There is already and there will be a lot more accurate data about Bucha, I believe that everything will be revealed, but for now, here is what I know now.

March 30 - March 31.

Apparently, on one of these days, Russian troops left Bucha. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation claims that there were no troops on March 30, but there is no reason to trust them. Very many sources refer to articles in the Russian media on April 1 that in the Gostomel-Bucha-Ozera area, fighters are "cleansing and securing" in settlements. I do not attach much importance to this (except for the obvious fact, which contradicts the statement about March 30). From the video provided by the Ministry of Defense, it is impossible to tell on what day it was filmed; This is more of a propaganda video than news information.

I hope for satellite images or more detailed information from the locals in order to find out soon when the RF Armed Forces left.

April 1 10:17.

Taras Shapravsky, secretary of the Buchinsky city council, in a Facebook video says that although there is unconfirmed information that the armored vehicles have left, the city is still considered occupied, they are afraid of sabotage groups and Russian soldiers dressed in civilian clothes (as far as I know, neither another was not confirmed), as well as mined objects. He says it's too early to go back to the city and warns the residents not to approach the corpses on the streets, as they can be mined.

April 1 14:24.

Ekaterina Ukraintseva, a representative of the self-defense of Buchi (left the city in early March), writes on Facebook that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have returned to the city.

April 1 18:32.

Mayor of Bucha Anatoliy Fedoryuk says that March 31 will go down in history as the day Bucha was liberated from Russian invaders. The reposts of this video often make it obvious that he said it on March 31st, but no, this video is not available before the evening of April 1st.

April 1 14:00-21:00.

Somewhere in this gap, the first video was recorded, which shows corpses on Yablunskaya Street in Bucha. Please note that this is not April 2 or 3.

Here this video is marked 21:45, but the text was edited, the original post was earlier, it is not known when. In telegram, you can edit the text, but the video itself cannot. On the video itself, the metadata indicates a creation time of 18:38.

Here it is on Twitter at 23:02, but the screen of the phone is taken, on which the time changes from 14:45 to 14:46. This suggests 14:45 April 1 as the earliest known time of this video (not entirely sure).

April 2 11:37.

A well-known journalist Dmitry Komarov posted his video from Bucha on Facebook. He is probably the first journalist to come to Bucha. He says that there are a lot of corpses in the city, does not show them.

April 2 14:23.

The earliest known appearance of the most famous video from the same street, which will go around the world on the evening of April 2 and April 3. Facebook Ilya Novikov. Could it be that this is the same column as in the April 1st video, but it was filmed from the first car, and here from one of the following? And then really this video was also filmed on April 1st? It seems to me that it probably is, but I did not try to check. It's not super important.

April 2, exact time unknown.

The National Police of Ukraine cleans up Bucha, checking suspicious items, etc. The fact that there are no or almost no bodies in this video is used by the propagandists as a rationale for saying that they appeared later, but as we have seen, the bodies were already there on April 1st.

[End of first Telegram post, start of second]
April 2, 16:13.

On the channel of the leader of the Kiev Terodefense "Botsman" posted a video of Teroboronets (apparently) in Bucha. At the 6th second, someone asks "there (or here) the boys without blue armbands, can I shoot at them?", The answer is heard: "otherwise, damn it." This is used by propagandists as "evidence" that Boatswain or his people shot civilians "without blue armbands" and that's how corpses appeared on the streets of Bucha. The video was uploaded late in the evening on April 2, the video's metadata indicates the creation time of 16:13. As we can see, the corpses were already in their place on April 1, there is no evidence that the Boatswain or his people were then in Bucha. There is also no evidence that they shot anyone or that there was a shooting in Bucha on April 2, when journalists were already there (see below). I believe that the question, accidentally caught on camera, referred to hypothetical military "boys", the one who asked wanted to make sure that if he sees someone without a blue bandage, then this is definitely an enemy (but such people on April 2 in Bucha was no longer there, and they did not meet anyone and did not shoot at anyone). This seems to me the most logical. Civilians in Bucha or elsewhere did not wear blue armbands at all, so the question of whether the blue armband helps to distinguish "our" civilians from "aliens" is meaningless.

April 2, 17:45.

Journalists from the French news agency AFP found corpses on Yablunska Street, the video of which, as we know, was already on April 1. They tell the whole world about it.

April 2, 17:19.

First article published based on information from AFP (the news agency itself does not publish articles). I don't know why half an hour before the actual AFP tweet. The article says that the corpses have a pale, waxy appearance, as if they had been lying there for at least a few days.

Bonus. On April 4,

the New York Times publishes an article that, based on Maxar satellite imagery, shows that at least some of the bodies on Yablunskaya Street have been lying there since March 11.

Several responses to typical Russian propaganda statements.

"The mayor of Buchi on March 31 said that the city was liberated and did not mention anything about the corpses, there were none!"

He spoke on April 1 in the evening, in his short speech he did not say anything about practical issues, in the morning of the same day the corpses were already mentioned in the speech of the secretary of the local council Taras Shapravsky.

"On April 2, the police cleared the city, drove around the city, there were no corpses, they were not, they were killed later!"

For 7 minutes of the video, the police did not drive around the whole city (Buchi is a city with 36 thousand inhabitants, not a village). We know that the corpses were on video on April 1st.

"April 2 Boatswain drove into the city and killed civilians without blue armbands to make a picture!"

The corpses were already on video on April 1st. No shooting on April 2, when there were already journalists in the city, was not registered. The words on the Bosun's video apparently refer to the military and not to the civilians, who didn't wear blue armbands at all.

"In the video, the corpse raises its arm, the other sits down!"

At high resolution, it is clearly seen that the first is a glare on the car glass, the second is the effect of rear-view mirror distortion.

You can see it very well here:

The original video file from Ilya Novikov is in the material "Checked":